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Patek Philippe Tourbillon 6002 moon and stars Watch

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Replica Patek Philippe Tourbillon 6002 moon and stars use a full case completely hand-engraved platinum material made of, it is a work of fine art. Calatrava doji smooth decoration, arabesques and micro-arc shape, utilize sharp chisel made using chip technology, which not only can chisel carving precious metals, but also practical "upgrade" gold decorative surface texture . Each watch is only part of the decorative carving is necessary more than one hundred hours.

Side of the case also beautifully decorated crown not only for aesthetic as well as indicative, at 4 o'clock in the load winding crown is embossed arrow indicates the direction of rotation, the moon and the stars and the 2:00 position on the crown, which represents when adjusted for the crown of stars on the back of the dial and the sky display performance.

Dial built by a thin gold discs made clear orbital scale, the center and the edge of the dial Microhyla, calendar display window edge and the moon phase display of three-dimensional relief by plastic. Regional center of the dial is used Cloisonne process, the use of thin gold wire flat against the dial outline pattern profile, and then to different colors of blue enamel filling, then baked in a high temperature kiln, colorful and permanently maintained.

The back of the watch, presents a fascinating picture of the sky, the night sky in the northern hemisphere sapphire crystal microscope rotary motion, describing the motion of the stars and the moon, the meridian through Sirius and moon, as well as monthly profit and loss phase. Two white pointer dial center position, Buy Now when the star is displayed in 24-hour scale, with you walking in the vastness of the universe in time and space.

Watch equipped Caliber RTO 27 QR SID LU CL manual winding movement, a total of 686 members, have been meticulously hand-finishing process. All edges chamfered steel components are processed, each tooth all steel balance wheel by hand one by one round, hard wood polished. Printed on the movement Patek Philippe mark, which is the top quality mechanical movement of the most precious proof.

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